Informative Survey/Quiz

  • Due Jan 29, 2016 at 10am
  • Points 5
  • Questions 20
  • Time Limit None
  • Allowed Attempts Unlimited


The following quiz is intended to collect information about you, your interests, expectations, and prior experiences and skills in programming.  Please fill in answers to all of the questions.  If you aren't sure of the answer, it's fine to answer "DK" for that.  If the question doesn't apply, it's fine to answer "NA" for that.  Do not worry if you do not know the answer or if you think your answer may be wrong, the correctness will not be graded, just your participation.

In particular, the quiz contains programming questions even though many of you have not yet started programming.  Simply enter DK if the code makes no sense to you.  By the end of the semester you will be able to ace these questions without any difficulty.  

The reason I am collecting this information is to better understand the class demographics and which factors might impact student performance in CMSC131.  Collecting such data is critical to our efforts aimed at improving this course in this and future semesters.

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