Rate your team-mates - midterm 1

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At the beginning of class I have assigned you to teams built based on your self-declared strengths.  My goal for the teams is to help create learning communities where different team members help each other understand the material and solve assignments.  There is good evidence in the literature that such team work is beneficial to your learning and your overall development.  You will also find these interactions to be a good preparation for what you will encounter in your career after graduation. 

That being said, teams are only effective if all the members of the team work together.  This will be particularly important as we move forward in the class as I will place more emphasis (and grading) on team work.  I am now asking you to evaluate your team members based on how much they participated in the team over the first part of the semester.  There will be two more such evaluations during the semester, and part of your grade will depend on your team-mates assessment of your participation.

Please rate each of your team-mates on a scale of 1-5 (from worst to best) on the following criteria:

Participation (participates in group discussions in class or outside)
Helpfulness (helps team-mates debug Rosalind exercises or understand difficult concepts from class)
Timeliness (shows up for class on time, shows up for meetings on time)
Preparation (prepares for class and studies both before and after to understand material)

 At the end please enter a percentage representing what fraction of the teamwork grade each of your teammates should receive, based on how much they contribute to the group.  Each student has the potential to get full credit (i.e., you can enter 100% for all of them).

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